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Florida Rollercoasters:

Islands of Adventure Theme Park at Universal Orlando, Dueling Dragons, Fire and Ice. Two fierce coasters intertwined in a land of myth and mystic. Islands of Adventure is an incredible theme park in Orlando Florida.

Sea World Adventure Park's - KRAKEN Rollercoaster!

The addition of steel roller coasters to Orlando began with the Magic Kingdom's Space Mountain. Orlando has gone further and faster to cater to thrill seekers and according to theme park execs - more will be forthcoming. In addition to the seven or eight major coasters, we have been given themed thrill rides of "Journey to Atlantis" at SeaWorld Adventure Park, "Jurassic Park" at Islands of Adventure and "Splash Mountain" at Disney Magic Kingdom. All three are really cool, fun, and very popular.

SeaWorld Adventure Park Rollercoasters:

SeaWorld’s Kraken FAST Facts
What: Kraken, the tallest, fastest, longest and only floorless roller coaster in Orlando.
A massive, mythological underwater beast is unleashed from the depths of the sea to take SeaWorld guests on the ride of their lives – lifting them higher, dropping them longer and spiraling them faster than any other coaster in Orlando. Kraken is the dominant coaster in the vacation capital of the world, smashing all Orlando records. Although Kraken’s track looks like a traditional mega-coaster, a floorless car design sets it apart. Riders’ feet dangle as they sit on open-air, pedestal-like seats with
nothing around them except shoulder restraints. There’s no one to hold on to, nothing in front of them and nothing below them – and only sky above. As Kraken hurls riders through seven high-speed loops, the only thing above is the ground. Paul Ruben, a noted roller coaster historian has said this about Kraken’s extreme design: “Imagine sitting in your favorite chair. Going 65 mph. With rails racing between your toes. Turning head over heels.”
When: Kraken is now open.
Design: Bolliger and Mabillard; Monthey, Switzerland
Theme: According to legend, the seas were once inhabited by a creature – or creatures – known as kraken. The most
infamous was the monster kept restrained under the sea by Poseidon. Kraken has now been unleashed at SeaWorld Orlando, where she is protecting her young.

Details: Length 4,177 feet
Height 149 feet --as tall as a 15 story building
Drop 144 feet
Top speed Exceeding 65 mph
Cycle time 3 minutes 39 seconds
Capacity Three trains seat 32 passengers in eight rows of four seats each
Inversions Seven, including a cobra roll, zero- gravity roll, vertical loops and flat spins
SeaWorld Twists: A portion of Kraken’s yellow and turquoise track is over water. The coaster plunges underground three times, once unexpectedly diving deep into the lagoon. Kraken’s train enters the serpent’s underwater lair at full speed as huge plumes of spray drench bystanders. Guests can wander Kraken’s lair on foot, coming face-to-face with live eels – representing the fearsome serpent’s young – encased in transparent “eggs.” Height Restriction: Guests must be at least 54 inches tall to ride Kraken.

Kraken..at SeaWorld Adventure Park

Kraken Launches Guests as High as a 15-Story Building, Plunges into Serpent’s Lair
Imagine a roller coaster that suspends you in mid-air, as high as a 15-story building. You have no one to hold on to, nothing in front of you, nothing below you – and only sky above. Imagine yourself on Kraken, a state-of-the-art roller coaster, so incredible that it defines a new thrill-ride category. Kraken is now open at SeaWorld Orlando.

Named after a legendary sea monster long feared by sailors, this wickedly fast serpent coaster corkscrews SeaWorld guests through the ride of their lives, lifting them higher, dropping them longer and spiraling them faster than any other coaster in Orlando. Kraken raises the stakes in the vacation capital of the world, where a battle to build the biggest and best thrill ride has emerged. In a race filled with superlatives, Kraken smashes all records in Orlando. Count ‘em: Tallest. Fastest. Longest. Wildest.
Paul Ruben, noted roller coaster historian and editor of Park World magazine, adds two more: most innovative and most unusual. Ruben, who has ridden every roller coaster in North America, describes Kraken’s extreme design as “an easy chair run amok.” “Imagine sitting in your favorite chair, a bit reclined, with your feet dangling,” he said. “But on this chair, you’re going 65 mph ... with rails racing beneath your toes ... and you’re turning head over heels.”

Kraken’s cars do not look or feel like traditional roller coastervehicles. There is no barrier in front of guests’ legs or a floor beneath their feet. Above riders’ heads is nothing but sky. During each of the coaster’s seven high-speed loops, the only thing above is the ground. It’s just you and the monster. Kraken’s sensation of flat-out speed, high G-forces, weightlessness and spiraling loops and turns may be unparalleled in theme park thrill rides, but SeaWorld’s designers chose to add a few new twists. A portion of Kraken’s 4,000-foot-plus yellow and turquoise track is over water. The coaster plunges underground three times, once where riders unexpectedly dive deep into the lagoon, entering the serpent’s underwater lair at full speed, as huge plumes of spray drench bystanders. Kraken’s floorless design defines a new category of mega-coasters. Although the track looks like a traditional extreme coaster, the car design sets it apart. Riders sit four across on open-air, pedestal-like seats with nothing around them except shoulder restraints.

Kraken RollaerCoaster - SeaWorld Adventure Park Orlando

“Designers now have created more than 30 different types of coasters,” said Ruben. “Although one would think there are no new ideas in roller coaster design, thrill rides like Kraken prove there is still room for innovation in the roller coaster arms race.” Tim O’Brien, Southeast editor of Amusement Business, says the ride provides a new thrill unique to any other park in the South. “While it is higher and faster than anything else in Orlando, that’s only the beginning,” he said. “It’s not how high, how fast or how many times Kraken will flip you over. The key thrill is the appearance that there’s nothing above or below you.”

After a scenic, 15-story ascent up the lift hill, riders get a bird’s-eye view of the 218-acre adventure park before coasting over the 149-foot-tall hill. Exceeding speeds of 65 mph, thrill seekers race through a 119-foot vertical loop, before diving underground and into a dramatic 101-foot diving loop. Riders feel the sensation of three seconds of weightlessness as they rocket through a zero-gravity roll and into a cobra roll, or double inversion, that resembles the head of the snake. After soaring through another vertical loop, riders “plunge” into the monster’s lagoon and through a tunnel that is flooded by a nearby waterfall. Speeding out of the tunnel, riders sail through a flat spin before resting in the load station ... safe from the monster’s clutches. Put in simple terms: Kraken sends SeaWorld guests 149 feet high, upside down seven times, underground three times and through the thrill-ride experience of their lives.

According to legend, the seas were once inhabited by a creature – or creatures – known as kraken. The most infamous of
these monsters was the kraken kept restrained under the sea by Poseidon. In Greek mythology, Poseidon's revenge knew no bounds. In many stories, he sent these fearsome sea monsters to ravage the land. Kraken has now been unleashed – and she resides at SeaWorld Orlando, where she is protecting her young. Guests also have the opportunity to wander Kraken’s lair on
foot, coming face-to-face with live eels – representing the serpent young – encased in round see-through “eggs.” It’s yet another way SeaWorld blends thrills, entertainment and animals. “Our guests always have told us what thrills and adventures they’d like to see at SeaWorld Orlando,” said Jim Atchison, vice president of marketing. “And now, with Kraken, they’ll be able to
experience the dominant coaster in Orlando – by far the fastest, longest, tallest and wildest. In my opinion, it will be the best coaster on earth.” SeaWorld Orlando burst onto the thrill ride scene in 1998, when the adventure park opened Journey to Atlantis, a water-coaster ride through the mysterious lost city. Journey to Atlantis was chosen by Disney’s Adventure magazine as one the nation’s scariest thrill rides and by USA Today as one of the nation’s top five new attractions for 1998.
“With the great coasters at our Busch Gardens parks and SeaWorld San Antonio, Anheuser-Busch has more than 20 year’s
experience in designing and building state-of-the-thrill roller coasters,” said Atchison. “And this will be our best yet. If you’re looking for wild coaster rides in Orlando, Kraken will be your first stop.”

SeaWorld Orlando

While at SeaWorld, don't miss out on the "Journey to Atlantis" thrill ride which utilizes the latest in theme park technology to bring a different kind of experience to guests.

Journey to Atlantis

Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Coasters:


Dueling Dragons And The Incredible Hulk Coaster Transport Thrill Seekers To New Heights (And Loops, Inversions, Helixes and Camelbacks)

ORLANDO, Fla.-- Islands of Adventure’s revolutionary roller coasters are designed to give riders unprecedented thrills unlike any coaster experience anywhere -- including near-misses, dramatic high-speed catapults and g-force flashes of speed through underground tunnels.

Dueling Dragons is the first dual coaster in the world designed and built so that its two coasters furiously speed toward each other on separate tracks. The tracks intertwine in a knotted mass of metal that send riders barreling directly toward each other at nearly 60 mph – three times in less than two minutes. The coasters avoid impact at the last second by hurtling riders through a camelback roll, a double-helix and compound inversion.

Another coaster, The Incredible Hulk Coaster, catapults riders up a 150-foot tunnel at g-force speed -- with the same energy as a U.S. Air Force F-16 fighter attack jet -- and immediately spins them into a weightless, zero-g, heartline roll, turning them upside down more than 110 feet above ground. Riders then dive at 60 mph before skimming the waves of the lagoon and then rising 109 feet before plunging toward the water below.

The storylines and themes created by Universal’s designers are as remarkable as the rides themselves.

“Our coasters are conceived as the pivotal moment in some really great stories, which are told using amazing state-of-the-art technology,” said Mark Woodbury, senior vice president/chief creative officer for Universal Parks and Resorts. “These coasters have unique design elements that we believe rank among the best rides in the world.”

Dueling Dragons is located in The Lost Continent area of Islands of Adventure, where myths and legends come to life. To enter Dueling Dragons, guests walk into a ruined medieval castle. Merlin the Magician appears and urges them to turn back. They hear the tale of the Fire Dragon and the Ice Dragon and see the charred and frozen remains of their past victims.

They learn that the dragons hate each other – even more than they hate humans. And, despite the warnings, guests climb aboard one of the two dragons as they prepare to do aerial combat.

Guests are allowed to select their dragon, Fire or Ice – and there is a special queue for those who want to ride at the front of each coaster. As each coaster is loaded, a computer calculates its weight and decides which of the two coasters should leave first and at what speed to ensure maximum thrills.

Guests encounter more roller coaster thrills at Marvel Super Hero Island, with the Incredible Hulk Coaster. Visitors enter through Dr. Bruce Banner’s high-tech lab and find that he is conducting special gamma-ray accelerator tests. They climb inside a vehicle and something appears to go terribly wrong – and then the ride begins by accelerating them from zero to 45 mph in two seconds.

Dueling Dragons, located at Islands of Adventure Theme Park at Universal Orlando are actually two intertwined thrilling rollercoasters, FIRE and ICE, which come very near collision. The heights are greater than 125 feet, speeds over 55mph, with plenty of loops and close calls. A very fun coaster to experience (over and over again). Islands has great fun for every member of your family.

Dueling Dragons - Fire and Ice

The Incredible Hulk Coaster, at Islands of Adventure, (the sister park to Universal Studios Orlando Florida), launches you towards the sky from Zero to 40 mph in just 2 seconds. This is pretty much what an F-16 fighter jet must feel like! In addition there are zero "G" rolls. Words cannot describe the exhilirating thrills on three of Florida's best roller coasters.

The Incredible Hulk! Roller coaster

The Hulk has become very very popular with roller coaster enthusiasts from around the world. During your visit to Universal's Islands of Adventure Theme Park, be sure to visit "Jurrasic Park", a surprisingly fun and exhilirating themed thrill ride!

The Incredible Hulk at Islands of Adventure

Flying Unicorn - Islands of Adventure: Childrens coaster.

Woody WoodPeckers Nuthouse Coaster - A fun filled ride through Woody Woodpeckers own nut factory at Universal Studios Orlando.

Revenge of The Mummy

Revenge of the Mummy

The Ride blends a powerful storyline with an unparralled combination of Hollywood special effects all wrapped around the visceral thrills of an indoor roller coaster. The new attraction is so different from anything Universal has ever done that its creators believe it represents a whole new category of theme park attraction, which they call the world's first psychological thrill ride.

From the moment riders embark on their journey, they encounter both physical and psychological fears - fear of the dark, fear of bugs, fear of fire, fear of falling, fear of being out of control, and more. Along the way, riders also experience a mind blowing combination of sight and sound special effects including pyrotechnics, projected CGI animation, advanced robotic figures, and illusions designed to assault all of the senses.

Revenge of the Mummy - The Ride is the third new attraction to open within about a year at Universal Studios. Shrek 4-D opened in Summer 2003 and Jimmy Neutron's Nicktton Blast opened in spring 2003. Revenge of the Mummy, now in pre-opening technical rehearsals, is on schedule for its May 2004 opening.

"We set out to change the face of Universal Studios with new experiences that are relevant and thrilling to today's audience," said Bob Gault, President of Universal Orlando, the destination that includes the Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure theme Parks. "The result is a trio of compelling, new attractions that give our guests the maximum entertainment experience they expect from our theme parks."

Each new attraction offers a unique guest experience. Shrek-4-D, with new animation by DreamWorks Pictures, represents the next generation of 3-D attractions, blending spectacular visuals with multiple special effects and surprises. Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast immerses guests in an adventure that stars the famous boy genius and the largest collection of Nickelodeon characters ever assembled for a theme park attraction - including the ever-popular SpongeBob SquarePants.

And, the innovation behind Revenge of The Mummy - The Ride, is now Universal's latest entry in the mega-attraction category.

Based on the phenomenally popular "Mummy" films starring Brendan Fraser, Revenge of the Mummy - The Ride is one of the most technologically advanced thrill rides in history. The action all takes place inside one of the world's largest sound stages, where guests are swept into an ominous underworld of ancient Egypt awash in deadly curses, powerful forces of nature and vengeful creatures intent on wreaking havoc.

"New experiences are always great for visitors to Orlando and Revenge of The Mummy - The Ride will make for an extraordinary summer vacation at Universal Orlando"

Walt Disney World Coasters:

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith, located at the Disney's Hollywood Studios. Along with the twists and turns and loops the theme is Aerosmith! This is rock n roll at it's pinncale. This ride pulls between 4 and 5 big, fat, monster G's and propels you from zero to sixty in less than three seconds. Coupled with the Twilight Zone's Hollywood Tower of Terror4, and Fantasmic!, they really make the trip for the thrill seeker.

roller coaster picture

Space Mountain in Tomorrowland at The Magic Kingdom is a fast, indoor roller coaster that blasts you through deep dark space at warp speeds. An Orlando favorite for years, Space Mountain stands over 180 feet tall. While at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida, be certain to experience "SPLASH Mountain". But don't end up in that briar patch Brer Rabbit! Truly, Splash Mountain has a great theme and is very entertaining. But don't take it from us, experience it for yourself.

Space Mountain is just to the right of Disney's Contemporary Resort in this photo.

Space Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom. This runaway train ride runs through an abandoned gold mine and stands 197 feet tall.

While at EPCOT and Walt Disney World, visit EPCOT's Mission Space.


Click here for a listing of Orlando Rollercoasters with a few statistics.

And for even more thrills, check out Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay. This sister park to SeaWorld Adventure Park Orlando is the home of many of the states greatest roller coasters. Busch Gardens Gwazi, Florida's "REAL" wooden roller coaster.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay


Kumba at Busch Gardens

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